Monday, August 10, 2009

BEAUTÉ POUR LA NATURE | the body shop spa wisdom on a high hydrating puree

For the life of me, I thought I'd never go crazy for a particular lotion because come on, all of them are almost alike. They moisturize. But for a girl like me who has special and particular needs that some products can't meet, The Body Shop (possibly my favorite brand in the entire universe) came up with my personal Holy Grail. The Spa Wisdom On A High Hydrating Puree.

Okay kids, here's the take. This stuff isn't exactly cheap. For 8.5 fl. oz. at $20, it's a gamble when i just spent around $4 for 18 fl. oz. of St. Ives Vitamin E lotion. Although for some reason, I was drawn to the allure of TBS (since I'm such a sucker for organics), and I don't regret dishing out the cash for this.

I happened to pass by their store at our local mall, and there were posters up for their 13th Anniversary Sale, so selected items were up to 70% off. I grew curious of the Hydrating Puree and I asked the saleslady what its particular purpose was. She said that it's an intense an added bonus: a scar remover.I was a bit skeptical at first, but upon checking the label, one of its active ingredients is rose hip, which naturally helps the skin repair itself. When I found out that this was in the discount bin with 50% discount, I didn't hesitate to pay up. I mean, what did I have to loose besides $10?

And I'm glad I did. After three weeks of constant application, I noticed that my skin had a sudden increase in moisture, and that my scars from chicken pox faded substantially. Even my mom noticed the change! So for added effect, I apply the lotion an additional 2 times at the course of the day on my unsightly marks. Another good thing I got from this baby is that a "puree" consistency allows the formula to sink in faster into the skin. With my St. Ives Vitamin E lotion, I have to rub extra vigorously for a couple more seconds in comparison because it's far more thick than the subtly "milky" of the On A High Hydrating Puree. I also loved the subtle rose scent that this had; not too over powering to make me smell like I bathed in my aunt's toilet water.

I guess the only concern for this product is the price. Like I said, it isn't cheap for the quantity that you get. I mean, $20? Come on! But I guess if it works like a charm as this does for me (scar buster, ladies?), I'm more than willing to go the extra mile to spend for my next dose. :)

Nature Junkie's Overall verdict: 5/5

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