Friday, October 2, 2009

BEAUTÉ POUR LA NATURE | ecotools by alicia silverstone

I'm a fan of EcoTools, and that isn't a question. :) I've been using mine for a couple of months now, and I'm still in love with how great my 6-piece set works as good as when I first opened the package. Today, I visited the Paris Presents website to see of they have anything new to beautyholics like me. And I wasn't disappointed! Come December 2009, they're offering limited edition prodducts in collaboration with Earth buff Alicia Silverstone! The line called EcoTools by Alicia Silverstone is pictured below:

It consists of the following: (from left to right) a train case, an overnight bag, a cosmetic pouch, 5-piece brush set with case, and a cosmetic bag with a brush compartment. I especially like the cosmetic bag with side compartments because I can put my makeup on one side, and my brushes on the other. Plus, it comes with a limited edition blush brush! :) Definitely looking forward to these for the holidays!

Monday, August 10, 2009

BEAUTÉ POUR LA NATURE | the body shop spa wisdom on a high hydrating puree

For the life of me, I thought I'd never go crazy for a particular lotion because come on, all of them are almost alike. They moisturize. But for a girl like me who has special and particular needs that some products can't meet, The Body Shop (possibly my favorite brand in the entire universe) came up with my personal Holy Grail. The Spa Wisdom On A High Hydrating Puree.

Okay kids, here's the take. This stuff isn't exactly cheap. For 8.5 fl. oz. at $20, it's a gamble when i just spent around $4 for 18 fl. oz. of St. Ives Vitamin E lotion. Although for some reason, I was drawn to the allure of TBS (since I'm such a sucker for organics), and I don't regret dishing out the cash for this.

I happened to pass by their store at our local mall, and there were posters up for their 13th Anniversary Sale, so selected items were up to 70% off. I grew curious of the Hydrating Puree and I asked the saleslady what its particular purpose was. She said that it's an intense an added bonus: a scar remover.I was a bit skeptical at first, but upon checking the label, one of its active ingredients is rose hip, which naturally helps the skin repair itself. When I found out that this was in the discount bin with 50% discount, I didn't hesitate to pay up. I mean, what did I have to loose besides $10?

And I'm glad I did. After three weeks of constant application, I noticed that my skin had a sudden increase in moisture, and that my scars from chicken pox faded substantially. Even my mom noticed the change! So for added effect, I apply the lotion an additional 2 times at the course of the day on my unsightly marks. Another good thing I got from this baby is that a "puree" consistency allows the formula to sink in faster into the skin. With my St. Ives Vitamin E lotion, I have to rub extra vigorously for a couple more seconds in comparison because it's far more thick than the subtly "milky" of the On A High Hydrating Puree. I also loved the subtle rose scent that this had; not too over powering to make me smell like I bathed in my aunt's toilet water.

I guess the only concern for this product is the price. Like I said, it isn't cheap for the quantity that you get. I mean, $20? Come on! But I guess if it works like a charm as this does for me (scar buster, ladies?), I'm more than willing to go the extra mile to spend for my next dose. :)

Nature Junkie's Overall verdict: 5/5

Thursday, July 30, 2009

BEAUTÉ POUR LA NATURE | philosophy the supernatural mineral blush duo

After a LONG wait, my ultimate lemming bronzer has arrived! :) I was finally able to pay for the last 50% of my order from the US, which contains a brand new EcoTools 6-piece brush set for my mom, and my highly anticipated Philosophy The Supernatural Mineral Blush Duo. I guess I've been so intrigued by Philosophy products since I first eyed them up at a Beauty Bar branch in SM Mall of Asia, but was dumbstruck when I realized I was so dirt poor to buy something from the brand (with the immense 12% value added tax to everything in my country!). And yet I was even more persistent to grab something good from them after seeing their The Supernatural line. Hmmm...Supernatural?

Nope, not exactly Dean and Sam Winchester. But I do adore them both! *flails* Does having all three season DVD box sets explain my obsession with these two? And the whole Supernatural love goes as far as my new and sudden fetish for high end and drug store makeup! Anyway, here's my review for Philosophy's Mineral Blush Duo.

As soon as I opened the box and the compact, I was surprised at how big the duo palette was! You can't have too much of a bad thing, dears. :) The pink is the same semi-orange shade as my Max Factor Perfection Blush in Classic Pink (MF is just a bit deeper) which is good because it actually replicates the true blush of my cheeks. The bronze half is a whole lot darker than my E.L.F. Healthy Glow Bronzer in Luminance. Color comparisons at the pic below.

The mirror along with the compact was the magnifying kind, so you can really get a good look at the fine details when putting on the blush/bronzer as well as any other makeup. :D I loved that about this one. Don't be fooled though, the pigmentation of the this product is actually darker, it just became lighter due to the flash of my phone's camera. :)

As for trying it on my skin for the first time, I only used a little because mineral makeup in comparison to non-mineral, is more concentrated with just a few. I didn't want to look like a burned beet, so I dabbed a small amount of both colors on the tip of my EcoTools brush and swiped it along my cheek, making sure to use the bronzer at the bottom along my jawline. It was a wee bit red at first, but as it wore on, it became a natural blush. I have found my perfect shade of bronze with this one because my E.L.F. one was a tad too light to the point that it's unnoticeable.

My only regret with this one is that it doesn't come with a brush. I have to bring a separate retractable blusher, but for all the good things this baby has got, I can forgive it. :D It's also way affordable in comparison to my mom's blush from her haul at Rustan's which is way more than I can handle.

Do note that this shade may not work for fairer women because I've read some reviews from Sephora that they find it "too orange". But if you're tan like me, this is a real great product that will complement your skin color. Also note for beginners with MMU that a little mineral makeup goes A LONG WAY. So a small amount will brighten up you face, especially with this reddish shade of pink. :)

Overall, this Nature Junkie gives this: 5/5

Monday, June 15, 2009

EXPERIMENTATION | Powder (Stage 1)

I'm in the process of making my own baby powder!

Out of a whim before going to bed, I swiped my grandma's box of cornstarch from the kitchen and took about a teaspoon. I mixed about 7 drops of essential oil and mixed them together well in a small bowl. I then placed the mixture in an airtight screwtop jar (since I lack Ziplocs) and hid it in a dark cupboard to let it "cure". I'll check back after 4 days. :)

Wish me luck in starting my own brand, Angel's Pure!

I've also started my own shop @ Etsy: (although there's still no content!)

So once I'm all set, I can start selling! Yay!

Friday, May 22, 2009

BEAUTÉ POUR LA NATURE | ecotools brush set arrives in the philippines

The popular eco-friendly and vegan makeup brushes by Paris Present arrives on the shores of the Philippines. That's right! Ecotools which is widely raved about in the US for its environment-focused principle in creating beauty products is now available to Pinays!

Now, they're not on retail at your local drug store or PCX branches yet. It can be pre-ordered and purchased at Pepper Code Manila courtesy of Ms. Maria Ivy Carla Paraiso. She offers great service and speedy shipping! My item was delivered the day after I deposited the last leg of my downpayment! For someone like me who's been waiting for Ecotools for a year now, having it sold via a local seller is heavensent.

On to the brushes! Being in a great mood with the "First Lady of Song" Ella Fitzgerald crooning from my laptop made me all the happier to review this baby.

My camera ran out of batteries, and this blurry one just came from my webcam! XD Anyway, I opened the package and was so happy with the brushes! They're so soft on the skin, and they don't have an impact on the environment! The hairs are made of synthetic taklon (so animals were not harmed in making these), the ferrule of recycled aluminum cans, and the handles are bamboo. How eco-friendly can you get?

This set includes blush, eye shadow, eyeliner, concealer, and brow brushes plus a cute ass hemp case! (I'll tell my dad to stay away from it lest he smokes it! Haha!)

I loved the blush brush the most because it was like my The Body Shop synthetic blusher, if not better! I tried it out and it gave more diffused coverage rather than TBS that concentrated the color on just one part of my cheek (and it looked like my face was scratched by my neighbor's cat!).

The eye shadow brush is less fluffy than the one from my Smashbox Rapture Holiday set, and it's a bit stiff. But the hairs are springy and retain their shape even after constant pressing and contact. The eyeliner has just the right stiffness, and will give my liquid and gel liners justice. The concealer brush is bigger that from my Suesh 5-piece set, and I guess it's for the instantaneous coverage of those humongous blemishes. The Suesh one had to take a couple of streaks and applications to cover a fairly big imperfection. And...I especially adore that they put a brow brush!! I inherited my dad's dark bushy eyebrows, so I have to keep them groomed or else they go this way and that.

Another thing to love about this product is that it doesn't shed! It withstood my "Spring and Pull" test, and it passed with flying colors! :) Plus, it's cheaper than most brands that can't even compare to the quality and earth-saving character of these brushes! A worthy investment!

Ms. Carla sells the 6-piece set for P1,200 exclusive of shipping fees to your location in the Philippines.

Overall, I'm super please with them! Now I'm thinking of ordering one for my mom's birthday in November (as hers have been around since I was in elementary school!).

THE NATURAL GEEK rates this: 4.5/5

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bella Swan's Moonstone Necklace by ArsenicCandyDesigns

At last! The custom made Bella Swan's Moonstone Necklace that I had made by Rebekka of ArsenicCandyDesigns at Etsy is done! Yay! Rebekka sent in these pictures to let me know what they look like. It's so pretty! :)

More will be added once I receive it in the mail! Thank you, Rebekka! :D

Mad about Etsy -- Twilight

Three posts in a day! I'm on a roll! :D While browsing Etsy last week, I came across some Twilight finds there both originally from the movie and replicas. So here are a couple of what I found:

Original Bella's Leather Peacock Feather Tote by stitchandswash ($175)

Bella's Turquoise Cuff Replica by bitzyitz ($25.99)

Bella's Moonstone Ring Replica by CommonScents1 ($36)

Bella's Moonstone Necklace Replica by ArsenicCandyDesigns ($9)

*NOTE: The stone for this one is made of glass stone. I had mine custom made by Rebekka of Arsenic CandyDesigns for $30. Although she has a Bella's Moonstone Necklace (that's actually made of moonstone), I opted for this design of mounting and just have the stone changed because it's simpler and resembles Bella's actual one more.

Bella's St. Jude Bracelet Replica by ArsenicCandyDesigns ($12)

Questions? Go and comment! :D