Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mad about Etsy -- Twilight

Three posts in a day! I'm on a roll! :D While browsing Etsy last week, I came across some Twilight finds there both originally from the movie and replicas. So here are a couple of what I found:

Original Bella's Leather Peacock Feather Tote by stitchandswash ($175)

Bella's Turquoise Cuff Replica by bitzyitz ($25.99)

Bella's Moonstone Ring Replica by CommonScents1 ($36)

Bella's Moonstone Necklace Replica by ArsenicCandyDesigns ($9)

*NOTE: The stone for this one is made of glass stone. I had mine custom made by Rebekka of Arsenic CandyDesigns for $30. Although she has a Bella's Moonstone Necklace (that's actually made of moonstone), I opted for this design of mounting and just have the stone changed because it's simpler and resembles Bella's actual one more.

Bella's St. Jude Bracelet Replica by ArsenicCandyDesigns ($12)

Questions? Go and comment! :D

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