Friday, May 22, 2009

BEAUTÉ POUR LA NATURE | ecotools brush set arrives in the philippines

The popular eco-friendly and vegan makeup brushes by Paris Present arrives on the shores of the Philippines. That's right! Ecotools which is widely raved about in the US for its environment-focused principle in creating beauty products is now available to Pinays!

Now, they're not on retail at your local drug store or PCX branches yet. It can be pre-ordered and purchased at Pepper Code Manila courtesy of Ms. Maria Ivy Carla Paraiso. She offers great service and speedy shipping! My item was delivered the day after I deposited the last leg of my downpayment! For someone like me who's been waiting for Ecotools for a year now, having it sold via a local seller is heavensent.

On to the brushes! Being in a great mood with the "First Lady of Song" Ella Fitzgerald crooning from my laptop made me all the happier to review this baby.

My camera ran out of batteries, and this blurry one just came from my webcam! XD Anyway, I opened the package and was so happy with the brushes! They're so soft on the skin, and they don't have an impact on the environment! The hairs are made of synthetic taklon (so animals were not harmed in making these), the ferrule of recycled aluminum cans, and the handles are bamboo. How eco-friendly can you get?

This set includes blush, eye shadow, eyeliner, concealer, and brow brushes plus a cute ass hemp case! (I'll tell my dad to stay away from it lest he smokes it! Haha!)

I loved the blush brush the most because it was like my The Body Shop synthetic blusher, if not better! I tried it out and it gave more diffused coverage rather than TBS that concentrated the color on just one part of my cheek (and it looked like my face was scratched by my neighbor's cat!).

The eye shadow brush is less fluffy than the one from my Smashbox Rapture Holiday set, and it's a bit stiff. But the hairs are springy and retain their shape even after constant pressing and contact. The eyeliner has just the right stiffness, and will give my liquid and gel liners justice. The concealer brush is bigger that from my Suesh 5-piece set, and I guess it's for the instantaneous coverage of those humongous blemishes. The Suesh one had to take a couple of streaks and applications to cover a fairly big imperfection. And...I especially adore that they put a brow brush!! I inherited my dad's dark bushy eyebrows, so I have to keep them groomed or else they go this way and that.

Another thing to love about this product is that it doesn't shed! It withstood my "Spring and Pull" test, and it passed with flying colors! :) Plus, it's cheaper than most brands that can't even compare to the quality and earth-saving character of these brushes! A worthy investment!

Ms. Carla sells the 6-piece set for P1,200 exclusive of shipping fees to your location in the Philippines.

Overall, I'm super please with them! Now I'm thinking of ordering one for my mom's birthday in November (as hers have been around since I was in elementary school!).

THE NATURAL GEEK rates this: 4.5/5

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